Litronic Security Solutions

Argus® 3015

A Dual Card Reader that Meets Both DMS FORTEZZA and CAC Requirements


The Argus® 3015 Dual Card Reader is the only dual card reader available today that can simultaneously support a Defense Messaging System (DMS) FORTEZZA® Crypto card and a Common Access Card (CAC). With a plug-n-play USB interface, the 3015 reader provides users full card functionality for a variety of DMS and CAC applications. For added flexibility, the 3015 reader is available as an internal bay mounted unit or as an external freestanding device.

The 3015 Dual Card Reader supports the ISO interface for smart cards and offers a strategic and cost effective solution for your card reader needs. So whether you're running FORTEZZA, CAC, or both, the 3015 is the right reader for you.

The 3015 does not support non-FORTEZZA PC Cards.


  • FORTEZZA PC Card reader and smart card reader in a single unit
  • Easy to install and easy to operate
  • Supports both FORTEZZA PC cards and standard CAC smart cards
  • Available in external and internal product version
  • Plug-n-play USB interface
  • Visual feedback provided for card operations

  • Simultaneous use of a FORTEZZA PC Card and a Common Access Card (CAC)
  • Supports simultaneous access to a single FORTEZZA card by multiple applications
  • Protects reader investment for both major DoD secure messaging programs
  • Supports ISO interface for smart cards


The Argus 3015 Dual Card Reader helps FORTEZZA PC card and CAC users:

  • Securely sign and encrypt messages
  • Verify signatures
  • Decrypt messages

The Argus 3015 Dual Card Reader helps CAC users perform a number of functions including:

  • Access secure Web sites (SSL)
  • Logon to PCs using Windows based logon
  • Perform workstation locking

Driver Support

Driver download page for 32 both 32 and 64 bit operating systems.