Litronic Security Solutions

SCR243 / NetSign 410

The premier mobile CAC security solution


The SCR 243 smart card reader enables true mobile CAC computing for your laptop without the nuisance of carrying around a peripheral smart card readers. No cable to mess with, no protruding objects and when inserted it is flush with your PC sides. Not even a wireless card offers that convenience. The SCR 243 smart card reader is a patented design that fits effortlessly into a standard PCMCIA Type II slot and offers a specialized mechanism for easy smart card insertion.

The smart card reader provides secure access to sensitive data; it can be used for CAC applications, secure online banking, e-Mail encryption as well as digital signatures. The EMV certification recommends the reader especially for applications with banking.

The SCR243 is based on a STC II controller chip that supports multiple interfaces, multiple reader devices and all relevant security standards. The STC II chip was the industry's first to offer On-board Flash, allowing for firmware upgrades and application enhancements.


SCR243 / NetSign 410 Benefits:
  • Robust casing with easy smart card insertion mechanism
  • EMV Level 1 AND PC/SC certification based on a single solution
  • On-board flash provides seamless firmware upgrades in the field
  • High performance, low power consumption
  • Fully tested and compliant with all major smart cards in the market
  • CAC compliant

Driver Support

Driver download page for both 32 and 64 bit operating systems.