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Litronic delivers innovative and cutting-edge information data security solutions that are compliant with DMS standards. Litronic's "FORTEZZA-ready" products are distinguished by their flexibility and reliability. A vital security component of numerous government and commercial networks, such as DoD's Defense Message System (DMS), Litronic's PC Card Readers enable end-users to effortlessly utilize FORTEZZA-ready solutions.

Argus 2108 Reader

SCSI device interface, Multi-socket, FORTEZZA server-side solution.

Argus 3015 Reader

USB device interface, Dual socket FORTEZZA and CAC desktop solution.

CAC and HSPD-12

CAC ( Common Access Card ) and HSPD - 12 ( Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 ) -
Litronic has over fifteen years of design, support, and expertise in smart card readers and systems, our readers are some of the most cost effective and user-friendly readers in the industry. Their unique design provides flexibility through compliance with the Microsoft standard and offer seamless integration with most PC/SC compliant software applications. Our readers have been fully tested to work with the industry's most popular smart cards and operating systems.

NetSign 215 Reader

High Speed CAC solution for desktop systems.

NetSign 410 Reader / SCR243

Mobile CAC solution for laptops and zero-footprint installations.

Argus 4215 / 2 CAC Smartcard Reader

USB device interface, Dual slot CAC desktop solution.