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protecting communications, intellectual property, data, and identities.

About Us

RDSK Inc. dba Litronic is a privately held, leading edge company that provides identity management, assurance, and authentication solutions. We are experts in the smart card and information assurance fields and apply this expertise to building secure and reliable identity and authentication software and professional services. We have strong presence in both the federal and commercial sectors. Litronic aims to provide our clients with the talent and expertise needed for their information security related design and development efforts.

Litronic is a global provider of secure identity management and information assurance products for the government and commercial markets. By facilitating the deployment, management and use of digital certificates and smart cards, Litronic's products provide high assurance solutions that help organizations achieve their physical and network security goals.

Our experience in systems engineering, hardware and software design and development, project management, system integration, and documentation allows us to build an excellent project team for our customers. With a variety of skills and services, we can offer you a reliable and cost effective way to either completely outsource a project or augment your existing engineering team. Litronic's development and production processes are certified to ISO 9001:2008.

We are dedicated to providing you with a complete team of professionals, each uniquely skilled in their particular aspect of the product development process.

The company's products are deployed in many organizations of the U.S. Government, including all U.S. Armed Services, State Department, Department of Energy, and various DoD Agencies.

Litronic Patents

Patent 6,168,077:

Apparatus and method of providing a dual mode card and reader issued January 2, 2001, provides a method to use high speed chip-based smart cards and older, low speed cards in the same system. This invention describes a way to have cards that support two speeds (or "modes") and card readers that support two modes, with a means to automatically detect which type of card is present and which type of reader is being used.

Patent 6,557,754:

Apparatus and method of providing a dual mode card and reader issued May 6, 2003, is a continuation of Patent 6,168,077. This invention provides more flexibility in the types of modes that cards and card readers can support, and improves how the mode is automatically detected.

Patent 6,634,565:

Smart card having additional connector pads issued October 21, 2003, is directed to improvements in chip-based smart card technology. This invention uses a set of additional points of contact on a standard chip card to provide additional performance characteristics. These additional contact points can be used to connect to more types of devices, to provide higher speed connections, and to connect to specialized or custom systems.

Patent 6,817,534:

Smart card having additional connector pads issued November 16, 2004, is a continuation of Patent 6,634,565. This invention provides a broader range of flexibility in configuring additional points of contact on the chip card.

Patent 6,848,048:

Method and apparatus for providing verifiable digital signatures issued January 25, 2005, provides a method to secure documents and other computer data using encryption technology with a specialized computer program. This invention describes a way to provide evidence that a sending party and a receiving party are seeing an identical view of documents or other computerized information being sent electronically.